Photo by Edward Shadwick @snuggallery

Photo by Edward Shadwick @snuggallery


Influences to Lucy's work all began in the same place. The English landscape and attention to the small exquisite details in nature.

For the past 15 years she has worked as an award winning landscape designer and knows how plants interrelate, the soil conditions they need to thrive and how composition, form, texture and scale work to give dignity to the garden and the landscape it sits within.

So perhaps it was inevitable that this extensive understanding would lead to the world of floral design with a style that rings true to the spirit of the British countryside and celebrates its wild, abundantly diverse and spontaneous beauty.

There is a natural untouched quality to Lucy's work. Her design style harks back to the early 20th Century. A time when the Bloomsbury group were at their peak, the female form was considered the ultimate in grace and elegance and the British social attitude was quietly reserved.